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Over 80 different capabilities to provide value… and growing! Setup a FREE 1 on 1 with Manny to see how Universal Mobile Apps can help you capture more leads, and convert more customers!!

Capture More Leads with Universal Mobile Apps!

Kids Art with Isaac Lopez

This app started as an idea from a 9-year-old boy who just wanted to share his passion for art using an app! Now, with his Universal Mobile App, he can share his art while also giving users the ability to buy it as well!

Les Brown

Named as one of the top motivational speakers worldwide, this app gives you all access to every Les! From his favorite speeches to his latest endevours, you'll never find a dull moment in this value-packed mobile app!

Where's Fluffy

Nicknamed the "Amber Alert" for pets, Where's Fluffy gives you the ability to find & share lost pets! Catagorized by pet type with many resources like adoption centers & special offers, this app is every pet lovers dream!


Trying to manage a team that's in the 6 figures? Twiler Portis with TLC Team USA uses her app to keep her team updated on calls, product launches, events, leaderboards, training, new videos, special offers, + more!

Secret Knock

Hailed by Forbes as one of the top events for entrepreneurs to attend, Greg Reid uses the Secret Knock App to keep his members & attendees informed of inside tips, exclusive offers, and of course, the inside scoop of his Secret Knock events!

Promo Charity

Promote 1 Business, Support 2 Charities! An exclusive membership app, businesses promote themselves while giving more awareness & funding to non-profits! Each month, a contest awards 2 winning charities 50% of the entire apps monthly revenue!

Feed Your Brand

As Brandcasters for entrepeneurs, authors & experts, husband & wife team, Tom Hazzard & Tracy Hazzard help major publications, sports stars, & entrepreneurial influencers broadcast thier orginal message! Download it for FREE today!

Learn With Manny

A paid consultant to over 800 brands worldwide, Manny "The Man" Lopez provides all his unique lead generation techniques and event invites through his app with many ways to promote your own business FREE in real time!

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"This guy is 'THE MAN'!"

Erik Swanson

International Speaker, Habitude Warrior

"Manny's mobile app technology is incredible!"

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker, LesBrown.com

"Insightful, very influential, it's caused me to rethink the way I do business! I can definitely see the need to be more innovative! Thanks Manny!"

Melissa Hull Gallemore

Best-Selling Author, Speaker

"To have a valuable resource like Manny on our team coaching us, helping us, providing constant value, you just can't get any better than that!"

Donnie Knips

CMO, ICON Builder Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Universal Mobile App?

Universal Mobile Apps are compatible with pretty much every smartphone and tablet worldwide! With over 80 different capabilities and counting, this platform is the easiest while also being the most rebust platform to build mobiel apps on the market!

How can a Universal Mobile App help my brand?

Think of Universal Mobile Apps as a website on sterioids! It combines the power, branding, and value of a website with the traffic, interaction, and connection of social media! One top of that, there are functions and features a mobile app can give you that a website or social media channel just can’t provide.

One of the most popular features within the Universal Mobile App technology is the ability to communicate with all your followers via TEXT ALERTS! They are FREE to send and FREE for your followers to receive which have 98% open rates! Compare that to social media and email marketing which get, at best, a 20% open rate! Learn more about this incredible technology with a FREE 1 on 1 call with Manny Lopez, the founder of our company!

Book a day and time that works for you using his LIVE calendar: www.ChatWithManny.com

Any client success stories?

We have many successful clients who have used their app to grow their network of influence while giving them a unique tool to brand themselves. Some of our recent successes:
– A client used their app in conjunction of a book launch that ended up coming a “Best-Seller”
– Cable TV show appearances!
– Multiple radio show media specials & features!
– A client recently was featured on the cover of Hollywood Weekly with their app!

In 2015, we did a case study on “Mobile Marketing Automation” where we tracked the success of dozens of our clients over a 5 month period (January to May). Here are the results:
– 14 of our clients generated over 100 new leads with their mobile apps
– 8 of our clients generated over 1000 new leads with their mobile apps
– Victor Valley News hit #3 in the US in “News & Magazines”
– Our most successful small business owner today, TLC Team USA which the owner generates over $200,000 a month in her business!

Can I hire Manny to build my Universal Mobile App?

Yes, we have the option where Manny will design, build, and publish your mobile app! To begin, setup a no cost, no obligation, FREE consultation with our founder Manny Lopez (www.ChatWithManny.com). From there, he’ll be able to show you exactly how his technology can help you capture more leads, and convert more customers using Universal Mobile Apps!

How do I get downloads and app users?

Each new client get’s access to all of Manny’s unique ways to bring more eyeballs to your new Universal Mobile App! Dozens of ways to promote your app for FREE plus proven ways to automate the entire marketing process where thousands of people within your very own specific target market can see and download your app with just a few clicks!

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