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Manny’s specialty is utilizing the latest in technology to teach business professionals how to generate leads using systems of automation!


From Universal Mobile Apps to All-In-One Marketing Systems, Manny has the tools you need to automate your sales process!


With over 20,000 business professionals in his network, if he can’t help you directly, he definitely knows someone who can!

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Manny shares his unique strategies to growing his network of influence to over 20,000 business professionals worldwide!

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Capture More Leads with Universal Mobile Apps!

Kids Art with Isaac Lopez

This app started as an idea from a 9-year-old boy who just wanted to share his passion for art using an app! Now, with his Universal Mobile App, he can share his art while also giving users the ability to buy it as well!

Les Brown

Named as one of the top motivational speakers worldwide, this app gives you all access to every Les! From his favorite speeches to his latest endevours, you'll never find a dull moment in this value-packed mobile app!

Where's Fluffy

Nicknamed the "Amber Alert" for pets, Where's Fluffy gives you the ability to find & share lost pets! Catagorized by pet type with many resources like adoption centers & special offers, this app is every pet lovers dream!


Trying to manage a team that's in the 6 figures? Twiler Portis with TLC Team USA uses her app to keep her team updated on calls, product launches, events, leaderboards, training, new videos, special offers, + more!

Ask Loral

Loral Langemeier, better knows as "The Millionaire Maker" keeps her network of over 500,000 updated with her app! All her latest events, investment offers, media appearances, and networking opportunities are available in her Ask Loral app!

K Prince

As a hip-hop artist based in Atlanta, K Prince needed a tool to automate the process of selling & streaming his music. His app not only solves that challenge, but also gives additional ways to provide value to his fans that only an app can provide!

Kevin Harrington

The inventor of the "infomercial" along with an original investor on the hit TV series, "Shark Tank" with over $5 billion in sales worldwide, now he looks to tackle the ever popular & growing mobile arena with his exclusive Universal Mobile App!

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A paid consultant to over 800 brands worldwide, Manny "The Man" Lopez provides all his unique lead generation techniques and event invites through his app with many ways to promote your own business FREE in real time!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“The best technology decision I’ve made in 5 years!”

David Fagan

TV Show Host, The Hollywood Entrepreneur

“Manny’s mobile app technology is incredible!”

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker, LesBrown.com

“Insightful, very influential, it’s caused me to rethink the way I do business! I can definitely see the need to be more innovative! Thanks Manny!”

Melissa Hull Gallemore

Best-Selling Author, Speaker

“To have a valuable resource like Manny on our team coaching us, helping us, providing constant value, you just can’t get any better than that!”

Donnie Knips

CMO, ICON Builder Media

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Feeling Inadequate

I can scroll through my Timeline, and in just 10 minutes, I’ll find 10 new businesses being formed I could help, 10 events being promoted that I should be at, 10 amazing accomplishments I should strive for, & 10 new ideas I wish I had thought of.

I surround myself with the thought leaders of the world; watching them, learning from them, seeing all the inspiring stories shared…

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Promo Charity PRE-LAUNCH! Become a Founding Member!

I’m excited to announce my 1st ever “PRE-LAUNCH” of a mobile app! This one is quite special!

It began with an idea by myself and Frank Shankwitz (Creator and A Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation) to create a mobile app that could solve the 2 biggest challenges most charities face today:

1. Raising…

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Website vs. Mobile App: Which is best?

As a consultant on lead generation and branding for entrepreneurs & startups, one of the biggest questions I get when discussing rebranding or launching a new idea is, “Should my business should start with a website or mobile app?”

I’ve discovered 3 simple questions to ask in order to understand which route would be best in order to respond…

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